“The young generation is powerful and influential in society”

We believe that creating social relationships is critical to human well-being. It is argued that experiencing social behavior, and engaging in social interaction, is vital not only during childhood development but youth development as well. Humans are wired to connect. 

At Levra, we bring communities together using Education as the platform to make meaningful connections. 

With the advancement of technology, study shows that as a society we are becoming less socially engaged. Children and Youth are becoming more drawn to technology and social interaction is declining at a significant rate. At Levra Foundation, we foster social interaction through literacy and youth empowerment.

A brighter future means a place where children, youth and society are able to create wonderful interactions as we navigate the advancement of technology with strong human connections. 

How we do it?


We create programs allowing children, youth, adult and seniors create intergenerational learning experiences. 

Art Connect

In a world of technological advancement, what better way to create intergenerational connection through arts. Our volunteers bring together children, youth, adult and seniors to bring out their creativity through painting.   


Smile in a bag

We bring smile to children and youth by giving small items in a bag (books, toys, personal kits). Our volunteers collect and wrap the gifts and we give them to sick children and homeless youths in need.  

Senior’s Techspiration

Teaching seniors how to use zoom and other platforms to help them connect to love ones and friends.  


According to a study by U.S.-based Pew Research, seniors still lag behind the rest of the adult population when it comes to tech adoption. Our youth volunteers help to address this by teaching seniors how to use platform like zoom so they are not left out.  

The Community